Catholic women’s league in Livingstone celebrate 50 years of existence

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Catholic Women’s League Organization (CWLO) of Livingstone Diocese yesterday celebrated their 50 years of existence.


Speaking at the occasion, Catholic Women’s League Organization Spiritual Director Imasiku Ngalama emphasized that there was every reason for the diocese of Livingstone to rejoice for God’s mercy upon their lives.


Father Ngalama noted that there has been a lot of political, physical, social and economic challenges the country has had but the challenges cannot suppress the joy that the church has enjoyed for 50 years.


He observed that women have contributed and played an important role in the growth and welfare of the Catholic Church and urged them to continue with the same zeal as they bring good values to the church.


Fr. Ngalama said God had blessed the Catholic Church which today has over two billion people adding that women should continue doing good deeds such showing love, hospitality and unity to families and the church.


Earlier, Our Lady of Angels Parish Priest Dominic Chanda said the CWLO’s 50 years Golden Jubilee celebration in Livingstone was a great achievement especially that Zambia as a nation will next week also celebrate its Independence anniversary.


Father Chanda said there was need to thank God for his caring love and mercy upon people’s lives and asked him to continue guiding the church in order for the members to remain committed to their spiritual works.


He challenged Christians to have a heart of reaching out to the needy in society as a way of showing love to humanity so that God can richly bless their works.


And Our Lady of Angels Pastoral Coordinator Eunia Mutinta said as CWLO celebrates their 50 years of existence, it is important that they reflect on God’s favour in their spiritual lives adding that this Jubilee year, women are supposed to be empowered in a special way.


Father Mutinta stressed the need for every person to have equal opportunities in order to have a better life.


Meanwhile, CWLO’ member Alice Simango urged fellow women to work hard and have a unity of purpose in order to succeed.


Ms Simango advised women in the Catholic Church to have respect for Priests and put God first in everything they do so that they can receive blessings.