More pigs die from suspected African swine fever

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More pigs die from suspected African swine fever

Luangwa,  October 17, 2014,ZANIS . . . . . At least more than 40 pigs have died in the last one from suspected swine fever in some parts of Luangwa district.

The disease was reportedly detected last week on Thursday when 20 pigs were found dead in INDECO compound, Chidada and Soweto villages which are the most affected areas.

ZANIS reports that Luangwa District Veterinary Officer Joseph Mwanza has confirmed that the  pigs have continued dying of the suspected African swine fever .

Mr Mwanza said the department was worried that the disease might spread further as people in affected areas were just throwing the carcasses in open areas creating more danger to the communities.

Mr. Mwanza said so far the number of pigs dying has increased to more than forty and more are yet to die as some already look infected.

And Luangwa District Council Secretary Given Muleya  said the Council will soon start killing the pigs in all the affected areas and also make a stop to the movement of pigs from the district and those being brought from outside in an effort to stop the disease from spreading to other areas.

Mr. Muleya also said the Council was working closely with the Veterinary Department to dispose of the dead pigs which the owners were throwing anyhow to avoid an outbreak of other diseases.

He said the Council will intensify the Public Nuisance Act by ensuring that no one keeps livestock such as pigs, goats and cattle within the township boundaries.

A suspected outbreak of African swine fever was last week Thursday reported to the District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba by the Veterinary Department  who indicated that more than 20 pigs had died from the disease.

Mr Mumba has since appealed to the Provincial Veterinary Office to quickly send more staff to the District to check the situation as the area has only one veterinary officer on the ground.

The most affected areas are INDECO compound, Chidada and Soweto villages were people keep a lot of pigs for their livelihood.