Govt. says quality health cannot be accomplished without competent health personnel

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Government says the provision of quality health care services to the Zambian people cannot be accomplished without having adequate and competent health personnel.


Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde said it was for this reason that government places great importance on the training of health professionals in the country.


Dr Kasonde noted that a well-trained human resource for health contributes greatly towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals number four on reducing child mortality and five on improving maternal health.


Speaking during the graduation ceremony for Bolton Health and Education Institute, Dr Kasonde said it was encouraging to note that private colleges are supplementing government’s efforts in training professionals to increase the much needed numbers of human resource in the health sector


Dr Kasonde said government is aware of the challenges being faced in the health sector hence human resource development in the health sector taking the center stage.


Meanwhile, Bolton Health and Education Institute Director Marther Chilufya urged the graduates not only to provide public health and counselling services to the public but also improve on their interpersonal skills as they present themselves to the public’s various concerns.


And in the vote of thanks, Charles Mfula, a graduate, thanked government for its technical support rendered which he said clearly indicates that it is not only creating jobs but also creating opportunities for skills development and career progression.