MPs take Mines Minister to task for telling parley ZESCo has stopped load shedding

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-Members of Parliament today took to task the Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Wilbur Simuusa for telling parliament that ZESCO stopped load shedding power in November 2013.


Parliamentarians rose in numbers to state that their respective constituencies are still experiencing power interruptions even during critical times such as when the Zambia Football Team plays Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers matches.


Liuwa Member of Parliament Situmbeko Musokotwane told parliament that his area is among the most affected while Rufunsa MP Kenneth Chipungu said Kaunda Square and Chamber Valley in Lusaka experiences power cuts several times in a day.


Mr Chipungu then asked Mr Simuusa to tell the house if ZESCO was in a crisis.


Contributing to the debate Kabwata MP Given Lubinda also stated that almost all townships in Kabwata constituency faced power cuts despite the assurance that the commissioning of the Kariba North Bank would reduce load shedding.


The Energy Minister however maintained that ZESCO was not in any crisis and that the commissioning of the Kariba North Bank in 2013 had reduced load shedding in all townships.


He explained that power interruption in some townships is not as a result of load shedding but was due to the on-going maintenance works by ZESCO.


The debate arose when Bwacha MP Sydney Mushanga asked the Minister of Mines, the measures being taken to reduce incidences of load-shedding by ZESCO in the residential areas of Kabwe such as Ngungu, Chimanimani and Bwacha.


Meanwhile, government has said it is carrying out assessments in all districts on the possibilities of construction of a filling station in areas that have none.


Energy Minister Wlbur Simuusa told Parliament that government will announce which areas need filling stations after the completion of the assessments.


Mr Simuusa said government is aware that Mwinilunga and other areas in North Western province have no filling station and will consider constructing one depending on the outcome of the assessment.


Contributing to the debate Mwinilung’a West MP Elijah Muchima noted that his area had four filling stations which were now defunct and asked the Minister to find out if government had plans of setting up one.



  1. What z the so called zesco doing about loss power ln lusaka west tz 4 days what z wrong with zesco please we need explaination to this