Humanism Week launched at chieftainess Mwenda’s palace

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—Chieftainess Mwenda of the Basanje Establishment in Chikankata district has called on all people in the district and throughout the country to act as humanitarians and help the needy in the communities.


Chieftainess Mwenda  said this when the district administration staff, together with other stakeholders, visited her palace to offer community service as an introduction to humanism week which starts next week.


The Chieftainess said it is very important for Zambians to retrieve what has been lost in the past and introduce it to make the country better.


She observed that humanism week used to be very important in the olden days because it gave an opportunity for people to offer different kinds of help to the needy in the community.


“I remember in the past when people from distant places would visit the palace and the entire community to offer a hand with any kind of help required,” she said.


Chieftainess Mwenda explained that people would clean the elderly people’s homes, collect firewood, prepare food for and sometimes even build homes for them.


She urged Zambians not to behave like people in Western countries but to treat everyone as their own brother and sister because they are one.


She said every Zambian should take part in the independence celebrations because of the peace and prosperity Zambians have been enjoying from the time the country got its independence.


The traditional leader also urged the visitors to support political leaders, saying    in the past people supported UNIP because they were are one Zambia and One Nation, adding that the situation has not changed.


She thanked the district administration for choosing her palace to offer community service, adding that it was the first time from the time she was crowned to receive people who are concerned about the cleanliness of the chief’s home and well-being.


And acting District Commissioner for Chikankata, Sekani Tembo, explained to ZANIS that management decided to start offering community service with the r   Chieftainess Mwenda’s and Chief Naluama’s.


Mr Tembo said the Patriotic Front government recognizes the effort the Royal Highnesses offer in the development of the district and the country at large.


He noted that Zambia’s towns have become less clean because humanism work has been neglected by the Zambians.


He explained that the work being carried out in the district sets an example to the young generation on what should be done to help one another.


He urged the people of Chikankata to come out in masses to commemorate the country’s Golden Jubilee regardless of age, political affiliation or colour.


And, ZESCO Senior Human Resource Manager, Givewell Daka, explained that the country has achieved 50 years of independence because of the good leadership of   the country.


Mr. Daka explained that leadership in the country does not only comprise political leaders but also the traditional leaders with their strong traditional values.