Big Brother hotshots : Lilian’s Spoiled Child Tendencies

Big Brother hotshots : Lilian's Spoiled Child Tendencies
Big Brother hotshots : Lilian's Spoiled Child Tendencies

Before Biggie put on some music for the housemates, Tayo was hard at work beating the drum as the ladies danced. After they had won, the housemates celebrated to the background sound of the drum and everyone was happy and things were great for a while.

Tayo ended his song on the drum and Lilian asked him to play the last one. At the same time, Luis had begun a rap which the housemates joined in on. Lilian begged for Tayo to play the drum again and he politely declined to continue and pointed out that the housemates were engaged in a rap song that he didn’t want to interrupt.

Lilian did not want to understand Tayo’s point as she quickly got angry over not having it her way. She tried to reason and told Tayo the rest of the housemates were high on alcohol and that she wasn’t and deserved to also get happy on her own high. Tayo did not give in even after Lilian had told him that she would be angry at him for a long time.

The ‘twerking’ Lilian got very upset and sat next to Tayo but spoke to her neighbouring Hotshots about how angry the Nigerian model had made her.  Lilian behaved like a spoiled child that always gets their way whilst Tayo seemed to show that he had learnt from his past errors by allowing fellow housemates to take centre stage and to shine.

What do you make of Lilian’s anger?


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