Serenje residents cry for ZNBC TV signal

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Residents in Serenje district in Central Province have bemoaned the lack of a ZNBC television Signal.


Serenje district has been off air for almost two weeks.


One of the residents, Janny Kunda of Kachinda branch in Bufinsa section told ZANIS that the district lost the signal during the match between Green Eagles and Red arrows which was played almost a fortnight ago.


“Am a soccer fan and you know I felt very bad to have lost the signal during the match between Green Eagles and red arrows. It is now almost two weeks ago,” Mr Kunda lamented.


Mr Kunda said it is painful and unfortunate for the district to be subjected to live without the TV signal.


Another resident, Flacson Soko said most people in the district depend on ZNBC television as they do not have Satellite dishes.


Mr Soko appealed to the national broadcaster to rectify the problem to enable people in the district to continue enjoying its programmes.


Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa confirmed the Development adding it was unfortunate that the people of Serenje are being subjected to lack of a television signal for such a long period of time.


He said last week, people without Satelite dishes in the district were not able to view the budget presentation by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda in parliament due lack of the signal.


The District Commissioner appealed to ZNBC to restore the TV signal in the district as soon as possible.


And ZNBC Corporate Affairs Manager Masuzyo Ndhlovu said the lack of Signal in Serenje District is as a result of a fault on one of TV transmitters in the district.


Mr Ndhlovu said engineers from the corporation will be in the district today to work on the transmitter.


He said the engineers will work on the transmitters and restore the signal immediately if it is a minor problem.


The Corporate Affairs Manager however appealed to the people of Serenje to remain calm as the corporation is doing everything possible to work on the problem.