Muslim community receives kudos for helping the poor

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The Muslim community in Zambia has been praised for the support it is rendering to the needy people in society.

Programme Officer at the Community Support for the Needy, Titus Sinyangwe, said the Muslim community has greatly helped the poor people who lack improved basic facilities such as clean drinking water, food and blankets.

He told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today that partners such as the Muslim community should be praised for their role in society.

Mr. Sinyangwe observed that there were a lot of less privileged people in society who are critically in need of help but the Muslim brothers and sisters have rendered significant assistance.

“The Muslim community in Zambia is doing a commendable job in alleviating the suffering of the less privileged people in society. They need to be praised for their contribution,” Mr. Sinyangwe said.

And Mr. Sinyangwe has praised government for having created an enabling environment for the Muslim community and other partners to operate freely in the area of helping the needy people in many Zambian societies.

He noted that the Muslim community in Zambia has so far lined up a number of programmes aimed at assisting the poor people as the country celebrates its 50th independence anniversary.

He said the Muslim community was willing to assist the needy especially this time when the country is celebrating its golden jubilee.

Mr. Sinyangwe has since urged other business entities operating in Zambia to emulate the good works of the Muslim community.