Over K8, 000 to be spent uniforms, mattresses, blankets for inmates at Katete Prision

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Government says it will spend K8, 300 to provide inmates at Katete State Prison with uniforms, mattresses and blankest.


Home Affairs Deputy Minister Stephen Kampyongo said the procurement process was already underway.


Mr Kampyongo said the kitchen at the prison is expected to be rehabilitated through the prison infrastructure development plan.


He disclosed that the holding cells at Katete state prison are also expected to be worked on under the cells expansion programme.


Mr Kampyongo said construction works will begin next year and move side by side with the construction of the Juvenile and female cells.


Mr Kampyongo said this in Parliament today in response to a question raised by Mkaika Member of Parliament Peter Phiri who wanted to find out whether uniforms, mattresses and blankets were going to be provided to the inmates at kataete state prison.


Mr Phiri also wanted to know if the kitchen and the holding cells at the prison were going to be rehabilitated.




  1. Why doesnt the government 4 once take care of pupils in boarding schools who are really suffering other than looking at prisoners all the time