ZNBC radio one, two off air for one month in Chilubi

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Chilubi Member of Parliament Obius Chisala has called on the ZNBC management to urgently work on radio one and two transmitters which have been off air for the past one month in the area. 

Mr Chisala who is also Gender and Child Development Deputy Minister told ZANIS in Chilubi district today that people in the district were very happy after Government installed Frequency Modulation (FM) radio transmitters in February this year.

The minister said the move had earlier cheered the residents in the district because they had been deprived of the service a long time.

Mr Chisala however said that the people in the district have never enjoyed the services because the channels have been off air on several occasions.

He said the situation has become detrimental to the people in the area as they have been deprived of news and current affairs.

Mr Chisala said it is for this reason that he was appealing to the institutions responsible to work on the problem of Chilubi radio reception.