Pray for Sata-PAOG urges Christians

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Pray for Sata-PAOG urges Christians

Kawambwa , Oct 13, 2014, ZANIS–A Clergyman of Kawambwa has called on  Christians to pray for President Michael Sata and his government so that they can continue leading a peaceful Zambia.

Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAOG) church, Pastor Chanda Musa made the call in Kawambwa yesterday during a church service.

Pastor Musa said christians should pray for President Sata and  his government because the word of God is the only weapon that can fight demons and the devil.

He said there is no weapon that is greater than the word God hence the need for the Christians to pray together for the leaders to enhance good leadership in the country.

Pastor Musa added that there is no any other weapon that can defeat demons and the devil that  Christians should pray for the enhancement of leadership by the President and his government.

He  has also urged all Christians to Pray together for the forthcoming 50 years Jubilee celebrations so that Zambians can continue enjoying peace.

However, Pastor Musa observed that the month of October was a period of accidents and that many people die hence there was need for Christians to commit the country through Prayers.

Meanwhile, Pastor Musa has accused some prophets of being liars as they are allegedly giving false prophesy as traditional doctors.

Pastor Musa was however quick to admit that true prophets do exist while there are some that are prophetic liars bringing division and hatred among families in the communities.

Pastor Musa has urged Christians to be careful with some people claiming to be prophets.