SDA conducts free eye screening

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—-Hundreds of people today turned up for the free eye screening at Chelston Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church conducted by experts from Lusaka Adventist Hospital.


Chelston Congregation Administration Elder, Saboi Mwalusi, said the objective of the Eye Screening Programme is to accord the public an opportunity to access free medical services in line with Jesus Christ’s care for the sick.


Elder Mwalusi said the Church decided to conduct the two-day eye screening community service programme in order to strengthen relationships by showing love to one another.


He said many people are expected to have their eyes screened, their blood pressure and sugar levels checked as well as their weight.


“Those whose BP’s (Blood Pressure) are high and are already on medication will be given free medicine while those with eye challenges will get spectacles and medicine,” he explained.



He said the eye screening programme is part of the two-week crusade which will close on October, 18, 2014.


The Church elder said the crusade, which is themed ‘Jesus Saves’, is an evangelistic campaign aimed at bringing people to Christ.


And nurse in charge of the eye screening programme, Rosemary Kamponje, was impressed that hundreds of people had turned up for the free medical service on the first day.


Sister Kamponje said that the programme has revealed that many people have challenges with their sight because out of the many that have been attended to, most of them have eye defects.