Govt cherishes traditional ceremonies

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–Government says Mbambala traditional ceremonies promote unity and cooperation among communities.

Lands Minister Mwansa Kapeya said government will always support traditional ceremonies because they promote unity among all Zambian citizens and preserve cultural heritage.

Mr Kapeya was speaking in Luangwa district when he graced the Mbambala traditional ceremony of the Nsenga-Luzi people of chief Mburuma’s area yesterday.

He said traditional ceremonies like the Mbambala remind people of their culture and guide the youth on norms and morals in society.

And Mr Kapeya has assured that government will continue providing agricultural inputs under the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) to enable small holder farmers access the input at a low price.

He added that government, with the help of cooperating partners, will support 41 farmers in Luangwa district in seed multiplication project t to improve access to quality seed.

Mr Kapeya said early this year 110 farmers benefitted from goat restocking programme which is being supported by United Nations Development Programme in Kaunga farming block in chef Mburuma’s area.

The minister disclosed that the Ministry of Agriculture has embarked in various programs in chief Mburuma’s area in order to improve food security.