Kabwata independence film festival flops

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Kabwata residents today failed to turn up at the Kabwata community hall for the independence jubilee film festival organized by Young Cinema Film in Zambia.


A check by ZANIS News at the community hall revealed that there were no people while well-arranged seats were empty.


The festival was meant to be a jubilee gift for Kabwata residents where short local films were supposed to be shown as an exciting way of celebrating the country’s 50 years of political independence.


The short films were produced last year by Zambian actors and funded by the Finland Ministry of Home Affairs.


The Finnish film makers, who come to Zambia every year, are currently in the country and are training actors, producers, cinematographers and editors for two weeks.


The short films were also simultaneously showing today in Matero and Bauleni compounds.


And Young Cinema Film co-coordinator Inonge Walubita expressed disappointment at the failure by residents to attend the much publicised film festival.


Walubita said that the film industry in Zambia has failed to grow because some people do not take it serious.


She further stated that there was need to emulate countries such as Nigeria where great importance has been attached to local productions.