Chief Mukuni-Ng’ombe pays tribute to Zambia’s presidents

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—–Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe of the Lenje people in Central Province has paid tribute to the past and current republican presidents of the republic of Zambia for the peace
the country has enjoyed from 1964.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, senior chief Mukuni Ng’ombe, who is also chief Chipepo, said the development Zambia has seen from the time she got
independence was due to the peace that prevailed in the country though all the successive governments and presidents.

He observed that even the declaration of the Zambia as a Christian nation befits it because of the tranquillity that has also contributed to the growth of the nation through massive development initiated by the
respective governments.

Senior chief Mukuni urged his subjects and every peace loving Zambian to remain loyal to the government and to do something
as a contribution to the developmental growth of the nation.

The traditional leader further observed that chiefs in the country have been able to lead their subjects into productive citizens as a
result of the harmony that was started by the first republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, through to the current President, Michael Sata.

Meanwhile, senior chief Mukungi Ng’ombe has advised his subjects to heed to Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) program by ensuring that every
household in his chiefdom should have a toilet, a rubbish pit and clean and safe drinking water.

The senior chief, who was addressing his subjects during the Community Led total Sanitation sensitization at Champanga village near
Lukanga swamps, warned that those that will defy his directive will be fined K250.

He expressed disappointment that some families used the bush to answer the call of nature in his chiefdom instead of simply
digging pit-latrines.

Most worrying the chief observed were fishermen in Lukanga swamps who do not have pit-latrines and allegedly answer the call of nature
in water thereby contaminating the water which they also use to drink.


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