Lusambo tells RB that MMD has a president

MMD Die Hard youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo

MMD Die Hard National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo says former President Banda should realize that the MMD already has a presidential candidate for 2016 even as he contemplates making a political comeback.

Mr Lusambo in a statement available to QFM News that while Mr Banda is welcome to rejoin the battle for the presidency in 2016, he should also be prepared for the consequences of making such a move.

He wonders what political strength the former president possesses now which failed to make him win the presidency in 2011 with all the privileges of incumbency he had.

Mr Lusambo says President Banda is regarded as a Statesman, but that by coming back into active politics, he will lose that status and once more become a target of insults by cadres.


He wonders what will happen if the court cases Mr Banda is facing are not disposed of by 2016, considering that the Zambian Constitution is very clear that a Presidential candidate should not have such matters standing against him at the time of nomination.

Mr Lusambo has implored youths from all political parties not to be compromised to bring back very old politicians to govern the country when there are many intelligent, educated, visionary young Zambians to take the country forward.


( Wednesday 08th October 2014 )