Let’s record liberation struggle songs-Chipalo

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A prominent folk musician Chipasha Chipalo says there is need to record all the liberation struggle songs that were composed and sang by freedom fighters prior to Zambia’s independence.

Mr. Chipalo says the recording of the liberation struggle songs will help preserve the important role music played in the emancipation of Zambia from colonial rule.

He explained that freedom fighters used music as a vehicle to disseminate messages of liberation.

Mr. Chipalo recalled that freedom fighters used music to motivate and attract people to join in the independence struggle.

“Songs were used to motivate, attract and to explain to the people about the need to be liberated from colonial masters,” he said.

Mr. Chipalo complained that there are no songs of independence struggle that have been recorded even as Zambia attains 50 years of political independence.

He said this sad development will deny the current generation information on the critical role music played in wooing people to rise against the colonial masters.

Mr. Chipalo further said the young generation will only appreciate the value of music if they listened to independence struggle songs.

“Music played a critical role in the shaping of the Cha Cha Cha movement as the music encouraged Zambians to be brave,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chipalo has implored artists to consider promoting cultural music saying this will help preserve cultural norms.

He said cultural music has the influence to promote good behaviour and decency among the youths.