Teachers demand accountability for contributions

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Teachers demand accountability for contributions

Choma, October 7, 2014, ZANIS….Teachers in Choma district have called for accountability and transparency in the utilisation of their monthly contributions by their unions.

The teachers feel that unions collect huge amounts of money every year but that as people that make the contributions they are not informed on how the monies are utilized.

Speaking on behalf of the teachers during the commemoration of the world teachers’ day in Choma yesterday, Airport Primary School head teacher Webby Siajinde said teachers want accountability for the money the unions collect from them.

“As teachers we make monthly contributions of K70 per teacher which amounts to K840 annually to the various unions we are ascribed to. We therefore want the secondary teachers ’union and the basic teachers union to explain to us how these contributions are used”, he said.

Mr Siajinde said the teachers expect the respective unions to use funds contributed towards funerals for teachers and awards for events such as teachers ’day and Labour Day.

And Basic Education teachers union of Zambia (BETUZ) Director Research and Projects said the union  utilized the funds teachers contribute transparently.

He said it was the government’s mandate to ensure that the needs of the teachers were adequately met noting that the unions have gone into dialogue with government to ensure that teachers’ conditions of service are improved.

Meanwhile, Southern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Douglas N’gimbu urged the teacher union leaders in the country to unite and work as a team in order to adequately serve the purpose of their existence.

Mr N’gimbu who witnessed an argument between the Professional Teachers Union ( PROTUZ), the Secondary Schools Teachers Union of Zambia (SESTUZ) and the Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ)  representatives during the Teachers Day celebration in Choma yesterday said unity was key to development.

He however expressed disappointment and called on the three unions to desist from leadership of violence and serve the teachers with one common goal.

He said the conduct exhibited by the union leaders was contrary to this year’s theme for world teachers’ day which said “unite for quality education for a better tomorrow”.

Mr N’gimbu said Government recognizes the value of the teachers in the development of the country hence the need for the unions not to mislead the teachers they represent through arguments.

During the commemoration of the teachers day celebrations in Choma Union leaders  at the event failed to resolve which union leader would address the teachers on behalf of other unions and went into a confrontational argument in front of the gathering.