Monde happy with on-going Itezhi-tezhi/Mumbwa road works

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Itezhi-tezhi Member of Parliament (MP) Greyford Monde is happy with works on going on the 109 kilometre-stretch D769 Itezhi-tezhi/Mumbwa road.


Mr. Monde said the K285.8 million road project has employed over 500 jobs to the local people.


Mr. Monde, who is also Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister said this in an interview  in Lusaka.


Vice President Guy Scott who launched and commissioned the road works said the government is committed to infrastructure development to turn around the country’s outlook, especially through road works under the Link Zambia 8000 Project.


The Itezhi-tezhi law-maker said the contractor called Build Trust Construction has obliged to the contractual regulations in line with the PF party manifesto of having quality roads in the country.


He pledged to lobby government to develop his Constituency and has since appealed to the people of Itezhi-tezhi district to bury their differences and rally behind President Micheal Sata and the PF leadership.


“You can’t eat politics. People need to eat food and want social services be brought closer to their door steps. I’m happy that government is tarring the Itezhi-tezhi road,” Mr. Monde said.


Mr. Monde said the developmental activities taking place in the district will boost economic activities.