Mealie meal prices to drop

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mealie meal

Vice President Guy Scott says government expects mealie meal prices to go down as the maize surplus the country has recorded enters the market.

Dr Scott told Parliament that the high mealie meal prices in most parts of the country can be attributed to last year’s mealie meal shortages.

He adds that the price of mealie meal has been fluctuating from 2008.


Dr Scott notes that following the maize surplus recorded in 2011, the price of mealie dropped in 2012 as result of the surplus getting onto the market.

The Vice President adds that according to figures Chipata and Chinsali districts appear to have the highest price of mealie meal, while most parts of the country have prices lower than K80,00.

The country has recorded a maize surplus production estimated at 3.9 million metric tons in 2014.

( Friday 03rd October 2014 )