Nchelenge DEBS warns teachers against exam malpractices

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—-The District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) for Nchelenge in Luapula Province, Bennie Mwansa, says there shall be no gifts for examination papers.

Mr Mwansa warned that anybody found perpetrating examination malpractices especially teachers will be met with the full force of the law.

Mr Mwansa said it is high time that sanity prevailed before and during examinations in order to give the country’s education system credibility.

He said all teachers that have been assigned to handle the 2014 final examinations for grades seven, nine and twelve should adhere to teachers’ ethical conduct.

Mr.Mwansa was speaking at Kabuta Primary School yesterday during the swearing in ceremony of 101 teachers ahead of the 2014 examinations that commences of Monday next week.

He said the teachers should refrain from receiving suspicious gifts from some canny parents who would want to perpetrate examination malpractices.

“Avoid suspicious gifts that may subject you to unnecessary night visits by some crazy parents who are enemies of a credible education system,” he said.

He warned of instant dismissal of any teacher that may be found indulging in examination malpractices this year.

The DEBS urged the teachers to be content with their salaries and avoid involving themselves in vices that may jeopardize their career path.

“You must be content with your salaries; you must learn to leave within your income and restrain yourselves from vices that may endanger your career,” Mr Mwansa said. 

Mr Mwansa urged the teachers in the area to be faithful between now and examinations time, and smile all the way to the bank at the end of every month for the good and professional mannerism.

Meanwhile Mr Mwansa has censured the teachers in Nchelenge to avoid getting unnecessary loans.

He said his office is aware of some of the challenges that the teachers face in far flung areas but was quick to say that government is doing everything possible to address the situation.

He cited the non-payment of rural hardship and remote allowances to some deserving teachers as some of the bottlenecks that the government is in the process of addressing.

The DEBS, however, said it is unfortunate that some teachers have become enslaved by loans that they get from financial lending institutions out of envy.

Mr Mwansa observed that some female teachers are now having intimate relationships with fishers and charcoal burners because their salaries have been depleted through loans. 

He advised the female teachers in the area to also stop changing men like shoes in the quest for a marriage partner because it erodes their integrity.