Youth NGO happy with Sata’s leadership

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A youth organization says it is happy with President Michael Sata and his leadership.

The youths say President Sata has propelled positive developments in the nation’s economic and political sectors.

Global Youths on the Move (GYOM) secretary general Aaron Mwiinga said Zambia’s economic growth in the last three years exhibits how positive and socially constructive the Patriotic Front(PF) government has been.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Mwiinga said Zambia’s 50 years jubilee celebrations and the three years of the PF being in government has also shown how united the nation is.

Mr Mwiinga noted that most youths in the country are interested in developmental issues that make Zambia a better place for all regardless of their political affiliation.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwiinga says it is irrational and unrealistic for certain individuals to raise attacks on Finance minister, Alexander Chikwanda.

He questioned the development adding that it was immoral for institutions to raid attacks on the finance minister.

Mr Mwiinga said it was surprising that even clergy men who are supposed to socially construct the political playing field are at the center of causing more social and political antagonism.

He noted that Zambia is too big to be engulfed in selfish and non-objective individualistic attacks which can derail the focus of its leaders.


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