— Govt. calls for devotion to work

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Govt. calls for devotion to work

Lukulu, September 25, 2014, ZANIS —   Government has called on teachers in Mitete and Lukulu Districts respectively to be devoted to their duties.

Lukulu District Commissioner Precious Muyenga says she is aware that some teachers absconded classes for weeks for unexplained reasons .


Ms. Muyenga has warned that her office will work closely with the District Education Board Secretary Offices will bring erring teachers to book to curb the vice.


The District Commissioner said this on Tuesday this week at St Columbus Secondary School Hall when she officiated at a two days workshop for Head Teachers organized by Mitete and Lukulu District Education Board Secretary Offices.

She also said most teachers have a tender of leaving the schools at any time without asking for permission from those in authority saying such teachers are not being fair to Government.

The DC stated that there is no reason to why Government should continue paying a teacher who is busy loitering in town leaving her duties at his or her school.

Ms. Muyenga said the district expects teachers to be at their schools despite the many challenges they are facing saying Government will address certain challenges being faced.

She further called on Head Teachers in the two districts to report any teacher who may leave the school without permission to the District Education Board Secretary.

And Lukau Head Teacher Sikufele Kabika has appealed to the office of the District Commissioner and the DEBS Offices to be visiting some schools so that they see the challenges that are being faced by the teachers.

Mr. Mubita on behalf of his colleagues that teachers in the area were  facing many challenges among them accommodation.

He stated that despite such challenges teachers were still committed to their duties.

The two days’ workshop which was attended by Head Teachers both from Mitete and Lukulu Districts came to an end yesterday.