Flouting Rufunsa bars complying with regulations on alcohol sales

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–The Alcohol Control Committee in Rufunsa district is happy with the progress made by the 47 beer drinking places which were recently put on scrutiny for violating laws on the sale of alcohol.


Committee Chairperson, Timothy Mafuwa, expressed happiness with the progress made by the 47 bars in adhering to the laid down council procedures on the sale alcohol.


He told ZANIS in a telephone interview from Rufunsa today and also expressed happiness with the reduction of teenagers patronising drinking dens in the area.


Mr Mafuwa commended District Commissioner, Paul Kasongo, Chief Bunda Bunda and the community of Rifunsa for supporting the committee in fighting alcohol abuse in the new district.


The Rufunsa Alcohol Control Committee was formed in April this year with the aim of enforcing the already existing council by-laws on the sale of alcohol.


In May this year, the committee put a total of 47 bars under massive scrutiny for perpetrating underage drinking, playing loud music, and untimely opening and closure of business among other vices.


During the Community Mobilisation for Preventive Action (COMPAC) meeting held in Rufunsa in June this year, alcohol abuse was named as the main driver of the HIV pandemic in the district.