Scott describes late Dr Matoka as gallant freedom fighter

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—Hundreds of mourners this morning gathered at the New Apostolic Church at the Central Congregation in Lusaka to pay their last respect to the late former Cabinet Minister during the first republic, Peter Matoka, who died last week on Friday.

Speaking at the funeral service, Vice President, Guy Scott, described the late Dr Matoka as a gallant freedom fighter who contributed greatly to the liberation of Zambia and dedicated serve to the nation.

Dr Scott recounted that the late Dr Matoka served the nation in different ministerial positions, adding that the late nationalist will ever be remembered for his massive contribution for mother Zambia.

He said the nation has yet lost a great man and urged Zambians to mourn the late Dr Matoka with dignity as a great statesman.

And nephew of the late Dr Matoka, Leonard Kantumoya, thanked government for according the late Dr Matoka a national funeral.

Mr Kantumoya also hailed government for the support rendered during the mourning service of a Zambian Freedom fighter Dr Peter Matoka.

He also thanked all Zambians who joined the Matoka family in mourning the great leader who rendered greatly to the nation.

He revealed that Dr Matoka, 84, is survived by a wife, Grace Matoka, children and several great grandchildren.

Mr Kantumoya said Dr Matoka’s body will be airlifted to Mwinilunga today before the burial tomorrow in Chief Kanongesha of the Lunda speaking people in Mwinilunga district in North- Western Province.


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