Eastern province gets Ebola detection gadgets

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Eastern province gets Ebola detection gadgets

Chipata, September 15, 2014, ZANIS……Government has procured two

infrared thermometers aimed at intensifying the surveillance of the

possible Ebola threats in the Eastern province.


Provincial Medical Officer Kennedy Malama said the thermometers have

been distributed to Mwami border and Mfuwe international airport which

are the two major points of entry.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata today, Dr. Malama said

government has also bought protective clothing for the medical

personnel in all health centers.


He said all health personnel have been put on high alert to combat any

possible detection of the Ebola virus.


He explained that his office has directed all health posts to hold

clinical meetings to come up with effect preventive measures.


Dr. Malama further thanked medical officers at Nyanje Hospital in

Sinda district for being  on high alert when they were presented with

a patient who had signs of having contracted the Ebola virus.


He however, stated that the man was later discharged after thorough

investigations and it was discovered that he did not have the Ebola



And Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu has called on people in

the district to be careful of the virus.


Mr. Zulu noted that there was need for people in the district to desist

from any unnecessary movements that could put them at high risk of

contracting the Ebola virus.


He added that there is also need for security personnel at entry points

to work closely with health personal in helping mitigating the possible



He further appealed to people engaged in cross border trading to go

through legal points of entry so that they are properly screened.