Mizinga Melu appointed as chief executive of Barclays Africa Regional Management

Mizinga Melu
Mizinga Melu

BARCLAYS Africa Group has appointed Mizinga Melu chief executive of Barclays Africa Regional Management.
Ms Melu’s appointment is with effect from October 1, 2014 and she will be responsible for the Group’s businesses outside South Africa.
This is according to a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday by Barclays Africa Group chief executive Maria Ramos.
“I am excited that we were able to appoint someone with such breadth of skills and experience into this role.
“Her appointment will be instrumental in executing our strategy on the continent,” Ms Ramos said.
Ms Melu joined the then Absa Group in March last year as managing director of NBC Tanzania, where she built a strong team, which is transforming that business.
Ms Melu is leaving the business in a much stronger position from where the team will continue to build.
Previously, Ms Melu held a number of roles at Standard Chartered Bank-Zambia including that of chief executive officer, Global Head of Development Organisations in the United Kingdom (UK) and Africa Regional Head of Financial Institutions in both South Africa and Kenya.
With an MBA from Henley Management School and deep experience across many countries in Africa, Ms Melu brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the role.
The country managing directors of all Barclays Africa’s businesses outside South Africa will report to Ms Melu, who will co-ordinate integrated planning and ensure the development of product-led and country-specific strategies, as well as support their execution.
In addition, Ms Melu will oversee the development of stakeholder relationships with governments, regulators, the boards and customers in the countries.
She will be reporting to David Hodnett, deputy chief executive officer of Barclays Africa Group.



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