2)–Nchelenge clergymen worry council

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—–Freedom fighters in Katete district have called on politicians to stop politics of insults.

Speaking to ZANIS in Katete today the freedom fighters led by Aliyele  Mwale said at the struggle for independence they never wished to be free to insult one another.

Mr. Mwale it is embarrassing to note that that as the country is celebrating its Golden Jubilee politicians have diluted the meaning of independence and freedom.

He said being free does not mean people should insult one another but entails respect for human and traditional  norms and values that define humanity.

He added that when the First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda and other politicians aspired for presidency they never stood to insult each other but explained what they would do to transform Zambia from where the whites left it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwale has disputed statements of unemployment by the youths in the country adding that most youths in the country are not using their full potential.

Mr. Mwale said youths in the country should not sit idle and expect government to hand pick them for jobs but that they should first make themselves useful by highlighting their potential talents which government can cultivate on.

He added that Zambia has many natural resources which if well utilized by the youths can solve the problem of unemployment.

He said at Independence in 1964 the Zambian government did not give everyone employment but that people ventured in various entrepreneur skills in order to develop the country.

He noted that today Zambia has been over taken by early marriages, drug and alcohol abuse among other vices which have hampered development in many ways.

He observed that government today has worked tirelessly in empowering women and youths but noted that some people were misusing the help by failing to repay the loans.

Mr. Mwale cited the Fertilizers Support Input Program (FISP) as one example of government assistance  that has been misused by many.

He explained that government wants to eradicate poverty by supporting farmers in the country but that some have instead been in the habit of selling the inputs to other people.

The freedom fighters have since called on the government to consider giving them recognition and help for the support they rendered during the struggle for freedom.

They said much has been done to help the first president but that he did not work in isolation therefore the need to look out for the helped him in various parts of the country.