– Zesco upgrades its water works substation in Lusaka

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Zesco upgrades its water works substation in Lusaka


Lusaka, August 31st, 2014, 2014, ZANIS —  ZESCO limited says the ongoing power outages being experienced in Lusaka’s Kamwala South residential area are due to illegal connections and unplanned structures in the area.



ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata says the power outages experienced in the area are not due to load shading but over loading  caused by illegal connections caused by home extensions.



ZANIS reports that Mr. Kapata was speaking in an interview Lusaka, today.



He said that Kamwala South area has expanded in terms of infrastructure which has resulted in the increase in demand for electricity.



And Mr. Kapata said ZESCO has since embarked on an expansion project of water works in Kamwala south is to help the power utility company curb power outages in the area.



He said ZESCO has engaged the Nyumba Yanga substation to back the water works substation with the supply of power in the area.



Mr. Kapata has urged residents in the area to desist from engaging in illegal connections through the extension of homes are they result in overloads at the substation.



Mr. Kapata stated that ZESCO have already started works on the water works substation and power supply in the area will be normalised after works have been completed.