Agro ministry embarks on projects to boost poultry production

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—-The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has embarked on projects to continue boosting the poultry industry in the country to benefit the local people and Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)

Agriculture and livestock Permanent Secretary, David Shamunenga, says his ministry has invested $700, 000,   in the poultry industry.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS today, Dr Shamunenga revealed that among the beneficiaries are   women and youths involved in the rearing of village chickens across the country.

He stated that his ministry will ensure that the continued investment will extend to rural Zambia in order to encourage poultry faming.

Dr Shamunenga said the investment will also be used in the prevention and control of animal diseases in the country.

The Permanent Secretary noted that Patriotic Front government wants Zambia’s poultry industry to benefit not only the Zambian community but the SADC region as well.

Among other developments the ministry is undertaking is the curbing of nutrition crises especially in rural areas affecting children.

Efforts to get a comment on the development from the Poultry Association of Zambia by broadcast time proved futile.

Recently, Vice president, Guy Scott, urged the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to introduce attractive incentives to poultry farmers as means of boosting the productivity of chickens.