FODEP welcomes delimitation of constituencies

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–The Foundation for Democratic process (FODEP) has welcomed the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ’s) exercise to delimitate polling districts in Zambia.

FODEP Executive Director, McDonald Chipenzi says FODEP is supportive to any development that brings positive change to the Zambian people.

The FODEP Executive Director revealed this in a telephone interview with ZANIS today.

Mr Chipenzi noted that the exercise will increase representation of voters in the country hence reducing voter apathy because the electorates will easily access the polling stations.

The election monitoring body has since appealed to the commission and local authorities involved in the process to ensure they involve civil societies, politicians and the media to insure transparency and accountability in the process.

Mr Chipenzi, however, stated that the current constitution does not coincide with the said exercise because it states that the country has 150 constituencies hence the more need government should release the draft constitution that will allow more constituencies.

He has since called on the government to enact the new constitution so that the impact will be meaningful.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia states that the delamination process will increase the number of polling stations by 20 per cent   countrywide and will also re-align electoral boundaries for all new districts that have been created since September 2011.