Serenje women suspend child bearing for lack of female midwife

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-Women from Sasa and Luombwa areas in Muchinda Chiefdom in Serenje District of Central Province have suspended falling pregnant until government sends a female nurse at Kabundi Rural Health Centre.


According to a statement issued to ZANIS today, the women complained that they cannot continue falling pregnant when they are always attended to by a male nurse during antenatal services and when they go to deliver.


The women, who had a meeting at Moonga farm last week to find a solution to their grievance, said it is a taboo to them for a male nurse to screen an expectant mother.


The aggrieved women appealed to the Ministry of Health to send a female nurse who will to be attending to expectant mothers at the health centre.


They said they will only resume child bearing once government adheres to their request.


Meanwhile, Serenje District Commissioner, Charles Mwelwa, said his office will liaise with the district health office so that a female nurse is sent to the rural health centre.


Mr Mwelwa has, however, appealed to members of the community to have confidence in the health workers regardless of gender because they undergo the same training and are taught to uphold patients’ confidentiality.


“Members of the community should learn to have confidence in the medical staff regardless of whether they are males or females. These people undergo the same training and are taught the importance of patients’ confidentiality,” he advised.