Govt bans movement of Pigs in North Western province

pig farm
pig farm

Government has with immediate effect banned the movement of Pigs and pig products into and out of the North Western province to prevent the further spread of African Swine Fever which has broken out in the province.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa in a statement issued to QFM News today says the outbreak of the disease which initially affected Kasempa and Mufumbwe has now spread to Kabompo,Zambezi and Chavuma districts.

Mr Simuusa attributes the spread to movement of pigs and pork processed at local slaughter slabs from infected pigs.

Mr Simuusa says the measures taken to stop the further spread of the outbreak include the ban of slaughter of pigs at slaughter slabs in the affected districts.

He adds that bio-security check points between Solwezi and Kasempa districts are also being set up and farm inspections to ascertain the presence or absence of the disease will also be conducted.

Mr Simuusa says it is therefore an offence to move pigs and pig products into and out of north western province.

He has also appealed to the general public to be vigilant and report all sick pigs to the nearest veterinary office.

A total of 2,896 pigs have died from African Swine Fever in North Western province from November 2013 to August 2014.
( Friday 22nd August 2014 )