Mbala farmers urged to grow wheat

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SOURCE- $Zambia_Daily_MailFarmers in Northern Province have been prodded to seriously take up wheat cultivation as it has a ready market in the country.

Cereal Millers and Farms  Plant Manager Teddy Mazimba  said this when a team of  journalists from Zambia Daily Mail, Post Newspapers ,Times  of Zambia ,Radio Phoenix  and ZANIS  toured  the state of art milling plant in Mbala yesterday.

Mr Mazimba said his company has a capacity of milling 30 metric tonnes of wheat flour per day.

He said currently Cereal Millers buys wheat stocks from Mkushi.

Mr Mazimba has since implored local farmers in the province to grow good varieties in order for his company to purchase the crop.

He disclosed that Cereal Millers’ participation in wheat market in Zambia has slashed the cost of wheat flour in the area and reduced imports from Tanzania, Lusaka and Copperbelt.

Mr Mazimba also disclosed that the maize plant at his company is currently producing 24,000x 50 kg bags of breakfast maize flour and 12,000x 50kg bags of roller meal while the 7,000 x 50kg bags of maize bran produced is sold to cattle ranch farmers.

And residents of Mbala have welcomed the setting up of the milling plant in the district.

One of the residents Steve Simbule said the public have benefited from the presence of the milling plant through job creation and availability of maize and wheat products.