– Farmers urged to be alert against swindlers

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Farmers urged to be alert against swindlers

Kasama ,  August 16th,  2014, ZANIS — A concerned Kasama farmer has advised his counterparts  in the area to be wary of bogus input supplies who were swindling farmers of their money.


Mr.  Simushi Labwe said a lot of farmers had in the past been duped by some fake input suppliers.


Mr. Labwe said the suppliers have approached the farmers claiming that they would supply them with farming inputs if they paid a certain fee.


ZANIS reports that the concerned farmer said this in an interview on the sidelines of the 9thAnnual General Meeting for the Kasama District Farmers Association held at Kasama Boys High School yesterday.


But after receiving the upfront, the suppliers had a tendency of disappearing leaving the farmers in the cold.


He said the practice was distasteful especially that the suppliers were taking advantage of the poor and struggling farmer.


Mr. Labwe advised the farmers to be affiliated to authentic organizations like the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) if they are to benefit genuinely.


He commended the government for the efforts being made in improving the agriculture sector in the country.


‘With the seriousness that this government has put in agriculture, we must not be surprised if Zambia becomes a food basket for the Southern African Region,’’ he said.


Mr. Labwe appealed to farmers to diversify and improve their productivity to support government efforts in reviving the agriculture sector.