First lady advises girls to value their bodies, observe morals

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—-First Lady, Christine Kaseba, has called on girls in the country to value their bodies and observe good moral values.

Dr Kaseba said the girl child should work at achieving a better life than rushing into early marriage when she is still young.

The First Lady, made the appeal in Chinsali District today when she took part in the girls’ Physical Education awareness training at Chinsali Secondary School grounds.

Dr Kaseba is in the district to sensitise pupils on the dangers and consequences of teen pregnancies and to work out measures on reducing the vice.

She told the girls to remain focused in life by abstaining from sex, avoiding peer pressure, choosing right friends and exercising self-control.

Dr Kaseba warned that teen pregnancies are a danger to the growth of the education sector in the country as the levels are increasing at a higher rate.

She urged the girls to embrace education as it opens up opportunities to a brighter future and to compete favourably in society.

Dr Kaseba urged the girls to strive to do their best despite the difficult conditions they go through so that their families may also benefit from their successes.

She noted that education does not mean that one becomes abusive or loose respect for elders but changes the way one faces challenges in life.

The First Lady later chaired a mini parliament with the girls under the theme “it is better to be married than waste time going to school.”