JPC saluted for peace and security

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JPC saluted for peace and security

Livingstone, August 12, 2014 ZANIS——The Namibian government says its collaboration with Zambia through the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) has contributed significantly to peace and security.

Meanwhile, the Zambian government has urged members of the JPC on defense and security for the two countries to enhance cooperation in fighting transnational crime such as illegal migration, money laundering, poaching, smuggling as well as drug and human trafficking. 

Permanent Secretary for the Namibian Home Affairs and Immigration Patrick Nandango says collaboration between his country and Zambia contributes significantly to regional and international peace and security.

Amb Nandango noted that meetings such as the Joint Permanent Commission between Namibia and Zambia resulted in the SADC region remaining peaceful with the regional body considered as a leader in conflict resolution.

“It is through meetings such as the JPC on defense and Security that the SADC region has remained peaceful and considered a leader in the area of peaceful resolutions of conflicts,” he said.

Amb Nandango who is also the co-chairperson of the 18th Session of the Namibia/ Zambia Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) on Defense and Security said this in Livingstone today during the opening of the officials’ meeting.

He urged the two countries to ensure they safeguarded peace and security that the two countries enjoyed.

“As custodians of peace and security, we should always keep in mind that we have the responsibility to safeguard the unity we enjoy in the SADC region,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary was hopeful the delegates at the meeting would discuss a wide range of issues that posed a challenge to the two nations and matters of regional and international nature that could influence the peace and stability enjoyed by the two countries. 

Amb Nandango also commended the two countries for the successful repatriation of fallen Namibian heroes and heroines who participated in the liberation struggle.

He further commended SADC member states for the support they rendered to the successful holding of peaceful elections in Madagascar, South Africa and Malawi.

Earlier, Defense Permanent Secretary Rose Salukatula called on the Zambian defence and security wings and their Namibian counterparts to deepen their relations by exploring more areas of cooperation.

Ms Salukatula said this would ensure continued peace and security along the common border between Zambia and Namibia.