Nkonde buys grader, tipping truck

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——The Nakonde District Council has purchased a brand new grader worth US $157.

The grader will be used to grade feeder roads in the district to ease movement of famers as they deliver their agro produce to markets.

Speaking on behalf of the Council Secretary, Director of Works, Crispin Kasemuka, said the grader was purchased using Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

The grader arrived in the border town last Friday and Nakonde becomes the second district to have a grader after Mpika district.

Mr Kasemuka added that the council has also procured a Tata tipper truck from Toyota Zambia which is yet to be delivered to Nakonde.

The purchase of the grader and tipper truck means that Nakonde district will no longer have to borrow a grader from the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) at the provincial headquarters in Chinsali.