Govt says provision of quality health care services non-negotiable

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—A senior government official in Kalomo says the provision of quality health services in a clean, caring and competent environment is non-negotiable and should be at the core of all health planners to translate this element into their action plans in their various institutions.


District Commissioner, Lucia Mwiinde, said the health sector can no longer ignore the need to improve and restore public confidence in the provision of quality health care in their facilities.


Ms Mwiinde stressed that access to quality health care was a fundamental right for every citizen as contained in the formulated National Health Strategic Plan, 2011-15.


She warned health institutions and urged them to desist from undertaking activities and programmes that were not budgeted for from priority areas such as TB, Malaria, HIV and AIDS and medical products and vaccines.


The DC said such conduct constitutes misappropriation of funds meant for the most needy areas.


She stated that government’s ambitious program  to construct 650 prefabricated health posts in the country was in line with its quest to respond to the increased demand  for health services in rural areas and demonstrates its emphasis on the universal access to quality health services for all its populace.


Ms Mwiinde was speaking at the launch of the 2015-17 medium term expenditure framework for Kalomo District Community Medical Office.


The expenditure framework is to be presented to the province and then to national level for approval in an effort to enhance the provision of health services in the once first administrative town of the country, which currently only has 29 health facilities.