— ZFE calls for more jobs for ‘ challenged ‘ persons

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ZFE calls for more jobs for ‘ challenged ‘  persons

Lusaka, August 4TH,  2014, ZANIS —-  The  Zambia Federation of Employers ( ZFE ) has advised its members and the general public at large to consider employing people with disabilities in their respective organizations.

ZFE  Executive Director, Harrington Chibanda says  this is because people should be accorded equal access to employment like any other  able bodied citizens of the country.

Mr. Chibanda says it was his organization’s hope for people with disabilities to acquire the relevant skills that  would make them competitive on the job market.

ZANIS  reports that the ZFE Executive Director said this in an interview during the on-going agricultural and Commercial Show in Lusaka, today.


The  ZFE is working towards ensuring that the industry becomes accessible to every citizen regardless of their physical status, he said.

He further advised companies  in the country to stretch their operations  base to in order  to create more decent employment opportunities to the many people without jobs.

Mr.Chibanda further said his organisation has continued sensitizing its members on the new revised minimum wage because not all companies were aware of the revised wages.

He has called on private companies to join his organisation saying it is the mouse piece of employers to address their respective labour issues to government.

ZFE is among the many organisations exhibiting during this year’s 88th Agricultural and Commercial Show under the theme: "2014 Breaking new ground ”  and commemorating 50 years of Zambia ‘s Independence.