Opposition parties opt for street demos

The Opposition Alliance is growing. Its now ZED, PP, ABZ, MMD and APC.
The Opposition Alliance is growing. Its now ZED, PP, ABZ, MMD and APC.
The sixteen political parties in the Grand Coalition championing the speedy enactment of the new Republican Constitution have opted to take the battle to the streets following government’s apparent unwillingness to dialogue over the release of the final draft constitution.

Spokesperson of the sixteen political parties, Reverend Jervan Kamanga, says all efforts to dialogue with government for the possible release of the final document have failed and that the only solution left is to take the fight to the streets.

Reverend Kamanga has told QFM News in an interview that if it means to camp at State House to demand for the release of the document, the grand coalition will do just that.

Reverend Kamanga, who is also National Restoration Party (NAREP) National Secretary, says government is doing injustice to the people who voted for them by ignoring the issue of the constitution.

He says the Grand Coalition has been meeting to discuss the way forward and that they have resolved to put the necessary pressure on the government to release the document.

Reverend Kamanga says the Grand Coalition will continue to look for means and ways to compel the government to release the final document.

( Thursday 31st July 2014 )