Nujoma salutes Zambia’s jubilee

Zambia court or arms
Zambia court or arms

FORMER Namibian President Sam Nujoma says Zambia’s golden jubilee is a landmark achievement for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African continent.

And the Copperbelt University (CBU) yesterday bestowed an honorary doctorate degree of philosophy in Peace and Conflict Resolution (PCR) on Dr Nujoma for his outstanding and dedicated service to his country, Africa and the world at large.
Dr Nujoma said at a press briefing held in the Vice Chancellor’s office Professor Naison Ngoma that Zambia played a key role in the liberation struggle.
“Without the leadership and determination of the people of Zambia to the liberation struggle, Africa was not going to be where it is today.
“It is a landmark achievement for all of us, it is not only for Zambia but for SADC and Africa as a continent,” Dr Nujoma said.
He said many countries in Africa are indebted to Zambia for the role it played in bringing about independence to the region.
Dr Nujoma said the only way poverty and hunger can be fought is by ensuring that children are given the necessary support in their education.
“We must now ensure that our children go to kindergarten, primary and secondary school up to university. In fact, we need more of the Copperbelt Universities around. Our children must be educated, that is the only way we can fight poverty and hunger,” he said.
And giving Dr Nujoma’s citation during the Copperbelt University’s 23rd graduation ceremony at the Riverside campus yesterday, veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga described the former president as an icon of peace.
Dr Mwaanga said Dr Nujoma dedicated his life to the service of his people and to humanity.
“He has done so with honour and integrity and set very high standards of public service. I pay tribute to the CBU council and senate for recognising this great son of Africa,” Dr Mwaanga said.
He said under his leadership, Namibia enjoyed extraordinary economic growth, political and constitutional stability.
Dr Mwaanga said Dr Nujoma, who was born in 1929 at Etunda village in Ongandjera district, provided hope to many people in Africa when the continent was going through a crisis of leadership.
And in his speech of acceptance, Dr Nujoma thanked former President Kenneth Kaunda for his massive contribution to Africa’s liberation struggle.
Dr Nujoma commended Dr Mwaanga for lobbying for Namibia’s independence.
He called for more trade between Zambia and Namibia to improve the lives of the people in the two countries.
Dr Nujoma said Zambia provided Namibia with training facilities at that country’s health and education centre at Nyengo in Western Province, where thousands of young Namibians obtained their primary and secondary education.
Dr Nujoma said it is his wish that CBU will continue to grow and develop well-trained and competent graduates that will add value to the nation and abroad.
“I accept this honorary doctorate award with honour and humility on behalf of the Namibian people,” Dr Nujoma said.

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