Fr Bwalya counsels Namugala on Priesthood

Father Frank Bwalya
Father Frank Bwalya

Alliance for Better Zambia President Frank Bwalya says he disagrees with Mafinga MMD Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala’s observation, that Catholic priests have no right to comment on the MPs’ demands for a pay rise because they do not have children and families to look after.
Ms. Namugala’s statement in Parliament on Wednesday was triggered by a column article in the Sunday, 20th July edition of the Post Newspaper in which Catholic priest Father Gabriel Mwanamwalye referred to MPs’ demands for a pay rise as a clear indication that some MPs suffer from extreme materialism.

Father Bwalya says the fact that priests do not have children and homes of their own does not mean that they are disqualified or are rendered ignorant about such issues.

Father Bwalya has told Qfm News that Ms. Namugala should be mindful that all priests are raised in the same setup and home as she was raised and therefore understand the living conditions of the people.

He says it is on this basis too that priests also have the right to comment even on the higher pay demands by the MPs.

The ABZ president has since advised Ms. Namugala to not take criticism from Fr Mwanamwalye personal.

He says as a mother, the MMD Mafinga MP should further understand that people are suffering and therefore when she speaks she should also speak for other people who are suffering.



  1. Bana Namugala….surprisin!!!…each and every1 has da rights 2comment on what he o she feels is nt right!!..a lot of pipo are jobs..etc Y cn’t da priest speak on behalf of the pipo?..he is nt a Zambian citizen?