IdeaGender condemns the beating of Roma Girls head teacher by a male member of staff

End Violence Against Women and Girls Now
End Violence Against Women and Girls Now

LUSAKA- July 25, 2014– IdeaGender strongly condemns the violence perpetrated by the named male teacher against Roma Girls Secondary School head teacher.  The act of violence, which was broadcast on Muvi TV, has since been making rounds on social media in form of a video footage. The video shows the named male teacher physically abuse the female head teacher in the presence of Muvi TV media crew including the camera staff.


Such violence should NOT be condoned and should be met with serious repercussions. The behavior exhibited by this teacher is inexcusable. There is always an option to violence as a means of resolving conflict.


At IdeaGender we believe that violence is a learned behaviour that can and should be unlearned. We would therefore like to call upon men and boys in the country to stand up and join women and girls and fellow men in condemning any form of violence especially violence against women and girls.


It can be easily argued that the gender of the head teacher made her an easier target for the teacher’s violent behaviour. This gives us just a snippet of what women and girls go through every day. One in three women experience sexual or physical violence — most likely from their intimate partner, according to the World Health Organization.


It is therefore disappointing that a teacher would commit such violence against his female supervisor when he is supposed to be a voice of reason and role model in our society.


IdeaGender is a Zambian-based NGO that works to strengthen government, civil society and communities to promote the involvement of men and boys in taking action to end violence against women, reduce the spread and impact of HIV and promote gender equality.

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  1. What the nun did was wrong hence the physical discipline. The man clearly explained the circumstances that lead to default but she couldn’t reason with him. Sad he became emotional and took that direction.