3)–Dysentry hits Shiwang’andu

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Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chileshe Mulenga has urged the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in the Province to sensitize farmers against rushing to sell their maize with high moisture content.

Dr Mulenga said FRA should advise farmers to completely dry their maize to the recommended 12.5 per cent moisture content level before taking the produce to the market.

Dr Mulenga was speaking when he visited Katondo and Mboza crop buying depots in Kasenengwa constituency in Chipata yesterday.

He said the FRA should use the local radio stations to disseminate information to farmers so that they dry their maize completely before taking it to the market.

Dr Mulenga visited the two depots after receiving reports that FRA was refusing to buy the commodity from farmers.

He said government is only buying the crop for storage and urged farmers to desist from selling maize with high moisture content as it will rot once it is stored.

‘’ You should not panic to sell your maize but wait until the moisture content reaches 12.5 percent. Government has already sent money to the banks for your maize you will sell to FRA,’’ said Dr Mulenga.

At Mboza sheds, the average moisture content was found to be 12.6 percent while at Katondo depot it was 13.1 percent.