Kaingu pledges loyalty to Nevers

Michael Kaingu, Brian Chituwo
Michael Kaingu, Brian Chituwo

AFTER being stripped of the party’s second highest post, the MMD’s former party vice-president Michael Kaingu has made an unlikely U-turn and pledged total loyalty to party president Nevers Mumba, who has been his fiercest nemesis in recent months.

Last month, the MMD national executive committee stripped off positions from an anti-Mumba clique that included Dr Kaingu, who was in charge of politics, his vice-president counterpart for administration Brian Chituwo, spokesperson Dora Siliya, NEC member Lucky Mulusa, and national youth secretary Tobias Kafumukache.
According to a Radio Phoenix news item monitored in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Kaingu, who last month said stripping of positions will not solve MMD problems, said Dr Mumba deserves all party members’ support.
“We must give him support, he is our president. I am a member of Parliament for Mwandi on an MMD ticket. The MMD has leadership, the man at the top is president Mumba and all of us fall under him. Until I make a decision, I belong to MMD,” he said.
He urged other party members to follow suit and support the MMD leadership.
MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu has welcomed Dr Kaingu’s decision to pledge loyalty to Dr Mumba.
Mr Lungu said in a statement that Dr Kaingu’s decision will help the party’s on-going rebuilding strategies.
He praised Dr Kaingu and described him as a valued and dearly loved member of the party.


Zambia Daily Mail