Chief Chitimukulu appointment Scam unearthed

Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Henry Kanyanta Sosala

The Bemba Royal Establishment has unearthed a scam in which a named traditional leader is purporting to have appointed a new paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Bashi Lubemba’s spokesperson Washanga Impika Sha Lubemba revealed this to Mano News and warned that the establishment will not take kindly to the issue.

Washanga Impika Sha-Lubemba reiterated that it is only Bashi Lubemba that has the mandate to appoint a Mwine Lubemba saying Henry Kanyanta Sosala is the legally appointed paramount chief Chitimukulu.

He has since urged members of the public not to give ear to the speculations of another Chitimukulu.

In another development, Bashi Lubemba has hailed parliamentarians for endorsing the appointment of Henry Kanyanta Sosala.




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