Water companies urged to explore avenues of resources

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——PK Nkanza and Associates Limited Director, Beatrice Nkanza, has urged the National Water, Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) and all the councils in the country to explore many avenues of raising resources for sanitation programmes in Zambia.

Ms Nkanza says there are so many sources of raising funds which the utility companies are not utilising fully to the advantages of the Zambian people.

She said this today when she officiated at a two-day programme for NWASCO Annual Financial Forum held under the theme ”Other options” of financing for the water and sanitation sector at court yard hotel in Lusaka.

Ms Nkanza noted that the growing population and improved infrastructure development in the nation have continued to grow over the years, adding that those water utility companies should pull up their socks in revenue mobilisation.

And speaking at the same event, AMG Global Consultant, Clement Mugala, said servicing the water sector and sanitation needs huge investment.

Mr Mugala said the water and sanitation area is one critical component which no nation can neglect as it is dealing with the lives of the citizens.

He stated that several interventions in the water sector should be put in place in order to improve the sector to acceptable levels.