With great concern we as NAREP would like to comment on the issue of legalising Marijuana in our country Zambia. This comes after the calls have been made by Green party President Mr Peter Sinkamba and Peoples Party President Mr Mike Mulongoti who have urged government to legalise the production and export of Marijuana which has brought revenue in other countries that have legalised this.


We believe that much as we are looking at many ways and means of increasing revenue in our country, this should not be done at the expense of the health of our people and the society. Marijuana is harmful and dangerous and legalising this will harm the society very much. We need to look at other better means and ways of increasing revenue so that we do not seem to run out of ideas.


It is in this regard that we condemn the calls that have been made by the two political parties and we urge them to get back to the drawing board and advise the nation on other better plans they have for this nation. I would also like to commend the government on the stance it has taken on this issue through the home affairs minister Dr Ngosa Simbyakula who has made it clear that Zambia will not legalise Marijuana. That is also our position as NAREP. We acknowledge that our citizens deserve the best and this is what separates us from others who have nothing tangible to offer.


Every well-meaning Zambian who is concerned about the health of everyone will not support such calls.


Issued by:

Frank Sichone

NAREP Lusaka District Executive Vice Chairman

15 July 2014