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— The Rural Electrification Authority (REA) has started a feasibility study for the electrification of Lunga district in Luapula Province.

REA Consultant Edward Maembe says the feasibility study is to ascertain the demand for both solar and hydroenergy in the Bangeulu wetlands.

Speaking during a consultative forum with Heads of government departments at Lunga Council chambers in Lunga district Mr Maembe said government is committed to enabling as many people as possible to have access to power in rural areas.

He said due to high costs involved to connect rural areas to the national power grid government has engaged REA to put up power plants and supply rural areas with solar energy.

Mr Maembe said the power initiative once operational will supply power to government Institutions and residential houses in the district.

Meanwhile, District Education Boards Secretary Joseph Musonda expressed happiness at the intention by government to power Lunga district.

Mr Musonda said with the introduction of the new education curriculum where pupils are expected to learn subjects such as metal works the electrification of the district is timely.

And Lunga Council Secretary Oswel Mpofu urged the consultants to consider Lunga district in totality and to consider future plans in the feasibility study.

Mr. Mpofu further disclosed that the council has demarcated about 1,400 plots in different settlements of the four chiefdoms hence the need to plan for them.